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Haas. Jeff (Trio) w/ Marvin Kahn
L'Dor Va Dor (Generation to Generation)
Jazz based versions of Hebrew melodies and songs, many of which Jeff learned from his father, Karl Haas.Karl was a synagogue organist in Speyer, steeped in the liturgical tradition and brought this knowledge with him when he fled Nazi Germany and ended up residing in Detroit. Jeff collaborates with Marvin Kahn the excellent Klezmer clarinetist, who also contributes some songs to this wonderful recording. SB------------------------------------------------------- "May the Words"- 'set to music the lyrics of the 19th Psalm, The music was written in the mid-50's by my father and is used in synagogues throughout the country. He wrote it while walking in a country road in northern Michigan. In 1991, I wrote a countermelody for this arrangement of May the Words. The improvisational portion of this tune utilizes the darker chord changes of the countermelody and is meant to reflect humankind's continuing desire to "Be acceptable unto you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer"' Jeff Haas from his liner notes to the CD.------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Generation to Generation Haas 6:44 2 Children's Dance Haas 6:16 3 May the Words Haas 7:22 4 Addicted to an Idea Kahn 4:11 5 Sabbath Song Haas 4:17 6 On and Off Kahn 3:54 7 Faith/Lonnie's Lament Coltrane, Haas 16:53

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