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Moondog and his Friends 2006 (German Imp)
"The music played by Moondog and his friends on this CD was originally released on vinyl in the early 1950s as EPIC LG 1002. Moondog's Corner is happy to present this great collector's item, as carefully restored and remastered by Andreas Torkler at the Sonopress Studio in GŁtersloh (Germany), for the first time on CD in a complete edition -- now including the two suites from Side B of the vinyl. And as a special bonus for all Moondog fans, Moondog's Corner has added in some relatively new but hard to get selections of music by Moondog: in 1987, the American musician Paul Jordan recorded 'Logrundr XVIII in C-Sharp Minor' for his solo organ CD, Buxtehude, Moondog and Co. 'Fleur de Lis ' was included by the young German harpist Xenia Narati in 2005 on her debut album, Moondog Sharp Harp. And, finally, 'Sun Collector In 7/8' is an improvisation uniquely realized by Stefan Lakatos using Moondog's own percussion instrument, the trimba." The 1953 recordings here were previously reissued on vinyl only by Honest Jon's (HJP 024). "

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