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We have You Surrounded
Review from Motor City Rocks (http://www.motorcityrocks.com/2008/02/dirtbombs-we-have-you-surrounded.htm)===== Simply put, long time fans of The Dirtbombs will not be upset with their latest release, 'We Have You Surrounded'. It picks up where their last studio release, Dangerous Magical Noise, left off and brings along all that is good about Mick Collins' minimalist style. 'Surrounded' takes several different twists and turns ranging from chorus line vocals to reverberating paranoia thatís set forth from the get go with the first track, "Itís Not Fun Until They See You Cry." Heading deeper into the disc, "Wreck My Flow" is by far the standout track. It's the perfect song for all the ladies men out there that end the night without even getting digits. No worries through, all you have to do is shuffle to this tune on your way home and you can still feel like you've got a pair of cojones. The song "Indivisible" is the albumís tent pole of coolness; without it you might as well let the wolves eat you for dinner. It marries the perfect combination of fuzz driven bass with Mick's doo wop that you'd never find at your grandfather's sock hop. "I Hear The Sirens" is by far my favorite track. It takes the kind of risky moves that only Harry Canyon can pull off after a bunch of creepy cyborg henchmen hunt him down; while "La Fin du Monde" seems like the perfect song for the final credits to a flick that may not be understood by your tattling little sister, but definitely makes you want to go out and buy a leather jacket or at least an imported beer. All and all, this record makes me nervous that I will die at the hands of either a psychotic, rogue CIA agent or an extraterrestrial living amongst my high schoolís PTA members. Four Stars.

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