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Dieterle,Dick (RFD Boy)
Iron Skillet Breakfast
Sorry to have to pass on the sad news that Dick died at the end of February, 2012 after a long battle with cancer. Our deepest sympathy to his family. ...................................The RFD Boy fiddler, Dick Dieterle, serves up an excellent plate of rootsy tunes with service by David Mosher and Dana Cupp Jr. The RFD Boys are of course, an Ann Arbor Institiuion-and the oldest running-with the same members-bluegrass band in the country. When I opened the store in 1976, customers were clamoring for RFD Boys LP's-and there were already three at the time-all out of pressing naturally.Try explaining that to Ann Arborites-they didn't trust the government,they sure weren't going to take my word for it. Well we survivied that crisis of confidence and some thirty plus years later, there has been only one new RFD Boys release-a live Cd and this one by Dick.So eat it up while you can.The Boys are nothing if not patient and won't be rushed. The fact that they are all highly successful in their day jobs probably has something to do with it.... A word about the excellent Dave Mosher-award winning guitar picker- David is a multi-instrumentalist, excellent vocalist, songwriter and a first rate producer. I met David in 1993 when we released his group's Deadbeat Society CD on our label- at the urging of David Siglin of the Ark and once I saw them,I understood Siglin's enthusiasm.------------------------------------------------------20 tracks:1 Wealthy Street Rag 2 Billy in the Low Ground 3 Possum Lick 4 Possum in the Huckleberries 5 Katy Hill 6 Sally Ann in the 'Simmon Tree 7 Gleaner Hall Reel 8 Kent County Breakdown 9 Leather Britches 10 Smoke Test 11 Iron Skillet Breakfast 12 R.F.D. Country 13 Fisher's Hornpipe 14 Grey Eagle 15 Mississippi Sawyer 16 Dieterle's Hornpipe 17 Cricket on the Hearth 18 Jarrett's Jig 19 Rip Rap Road 20 Darling Nellie Gray

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