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Smith, Louis
Here Comes Louis Smith
Louis Smith has been a local and international hero for decades. When I moved to Ann Arbor in 1976 to open Schoolkids, Michael Lang took me to see Louis at the University of Michigan where he was acting as Jazz Studies Director-what a thrill, Louis is one of the great jazz trumpet players and its been great to be able to hear Louis play these last few decades. It's great to have thsi reissue of the 1958 Blue Note debut by the trumpet player and composer Blue Note saw as the new Clifford Brown. Smith is superb on this recording,joined by Cannonball Adderley,Tommy Flanagan,Duke Jordan and Art Taylor. Pick this one up-also essential are at least three of his later Steeplechase recordings: 'Prancin',Just Friends 'and 'Ballads for Lulu.'

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