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Bedard , George and the Kingpins - Triple Crown

You know the drill, a wide range of blues, rock, rockabilly and surf music by one of the tightest trios around featuring one of the greatest roots guitarist anywhere....George Bedard. Bedard, George and Kingpins - Hip Deep

2nd release by Michigan guitar legend, George Bedard and the Kingpins.Includes fan favorite song: Dick Around. guest artists include Johnnie Johnson, piano on 2 songs.Dave Morris (Big Dave and Ultrasonics) harmonica 1 track Bedard,George - Pickin' Apart the Past

All instrumental recording by Ann Arbor guitar giant, George Bedard. Bedard,George and the Kingpins - Upside!

George and the boys' debut CD was selected by CD Review magazine for best Blues Recording of 1992-although it's really a roots music album (see above). Berne, Tim - Hard Cell Live

With Ann Arbor's own Craig Taborn on keyboards and partially recorded at the now defunct Firefly Club in Ann Arbor as part of Edgefest(now hosted by Kerrytown Concert House). Big Dave and the Ultrasonics - Love and Money

1993 release by legendary and now defunkt blues band. Out of Print. Limited supplies Big Dave and the Ultrasonics - No Sweat ! Live

First rate live CD by Ann Arbor's legendary and now defunct blues band. Dave Morris is the man on harmonica. Ben went on to play with Blues Travelers. Big Dave Steel is still a man of taste and talent. Todd Perkins and Pieter Struyk ain't chopped liver and hats off to guitarist Dave Farzalo (gone for this recording). Out of print Bishop, Andrew - Time and Imaginary Time

Bishop, along with fellow Ann Arborites, Gerald Cleaver and Tim Flood has crafted an excellent cd encompassing post bop to free jazz. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Andrew Bishop (saxophones and clarinet), Gerald Cleaver (drums), and Tim Flood (bass)------------------------------------------------------------------------- A composer of contemporary orchestral and chamber music, Bishop combines a jazzman's fire and flow with a rigorous compositional sensibility, resulting in a potent and highly satisfying blend." 
-Dave Lynch, All Music Guide --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This recording is a free-form, freewheeling delight. It's new music from a piano-less group, but the spirit is so playful, the soundscapes are so simple and rich, and the playing is so accomplished and together, that this dense and complicated_ new music falls richly and beautifully on the ears."
-Donald Elfman, All About Jazz-New York ----------------------------------------------------------------------"A new face on the scene, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bishop's debut recording is full of promise and brio. Ably accompanied by ubiquitous drummer Gerald Cleaver and bassist Tim Flood, Bishop navigates a set employing everything from tenor sax driven Post-Bop burn outs to quiet, almost Neo-Classical textural pieces...A well conceived debut recording, Bishop is hopefully a player one will hear more from in the future."
-Troy Collins, Cadence Magazine------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Prologue2 Cleaver's Loops3 Fragments On a Curve, to Find4 For Whom the Bell Tolls5 Fragment6 Picking Up the Pieces7 Fragments in Imaginary Time8 Go to Sleep! (for Oliver)9 (shattered Fragments Part I)10 People's Republic (for Dave and Jules)11 (shattered Fragments Part Ii)12 Get It!13 Epilogue Bosco Prime Cuts Vol 2. - The Devil in Miss James

Great compilation assembled by the very hip Ferndale Mi, Bosco Lounge.(affiliated with the great music club, The Magic Bag, also in Ferndale). 'From its funky smooth opening, the devil in miss james glides through soul, dub reggae, hip hop, and funk.' Throw this one on and you've got instant Detroit Cool---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Poets of Rhythm – Discern/Define 2. Sweet Stuff – Freaky (To You) 3. The Chi-Lites – Stoned Out of My Mind 4. James Hardway – Speak Softly (Minus 8 Remix) 5. Sly & Robbie – Move and Groove Dub 6. Roots Manuva – Witness (Walworth Road Rockers Dub) 7. Baby Blak – Friends 8. Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf – Devotion 92 9. Singer Blue meets the Bush Chemists – If A No Jah 10. Tenor Saw – Golden Hen 11. Quantic – En Focus 12. Original Tropicana Steel Band – “Calypso Rock” 13. Ernie Hines – Our Generation 14. Bad Medicine – Trespasser 15. Mighty Casey – Liquorland 2 parental warning: this album contains explicit lyrics! Canada - This Cursed House

Made for everyone living within Detroit and its surrounding populous comes This Cursed House, the debut from 7 southern Michiganders with an obviously envious eye to the north. Recorded in the dark of winter on a sound board originally built and used in the early 80's to mix portions of the 2nd & 3rd installments of the Star Wars trilogy comes an unexpectedly warm record of art-folk arrangements featuring dual cellists, melodica, shout & response vocals, glockenspiel and Rhodes piano. See a sheet from THIS CURSED HOUSE Chenille Sisters - May I Suggest

2006 release featuring these Ann Arbor favorites at our local non-profit gem of a music club, The Ark. Great vocalizing and witty songs are a winning combination. "May I Suggest" is their most requested song. Christmas-Whit Hill and John Latini - D-e-a-r S-a-n-t-a

Great addition to the Holiday music canon-especially if you're looking for poignant and sometimes downright silly examinations of the dysfunctionality of the holidays. The music itself is terrific and worth listening at any time. Some of the Latini tracks kick some serious, well you know. Very much recommended. Dapogny, James - Original Jelly Roll blues

Out of Print on CD. From Ann Arbor's great jazz pianist, scholar and interpreter of early jazz. "Pianist James Dapogny and his octet (plus a few guests) pay tribute to the immortal pianist/composer/arranger Jelly Roll Morton on this enjoyable set. They perform 17 of Morton's compositions, often with a twist. Six of the songs were never recorded by Jelly Roll's groups (such as "Frog-I-More Rag," "Milenberg Joys" and "King Porter Stomp"), and most of those that were are given fresh arrangements in the style of Morton's Red Hot Peppers. Dapogny's regular octet (with trumpeter Jon-Erik Kellso and the reeds of Kim Cusack and Russ Whitman) is joined on some numbers by Peter Ferran's reeds, cornetist Paul Klinger and Mike Walbridge's tuba. This is classic music that, due to the new arrangements, sounds intriguingly unpredictable". Scott Yanow, AMG Dapogny, Jim - Laughing at Life

Out of Print- Review by Scott Yanow, AMG The first of three Discovery CDs by James Dapogny's Chicago Jazz Band features the eight-piece group (which includes the pianist-leader, trumpeter Jon-Erik Kellso, trombonist Bob Smith, Kim Cusack on clarinet and alto, and Russ Whitman doubling on tenor and baritone) playing a variety of Dixieland and classic jazz selections. There are plenty of hot soloists in this group and such numbers as "That Da-Da Strain," "Lulu's Back in Town," "Swing Mr. Charlie," "California, Here I Come," and "Grandpa's Spells" receive frequently exciting treatment. This CD serves as a strong example to James Dapogny's music. Dieterle,Dick (RFD Boy) - Iron Skillet Breakfast

The RFD Boy fiddler, Dick Dieterle, serves up an excellent plate of rootsy tunes with service by David Mosher and Dana Cupp Jr. The RFD Boys are of course an Ann Arbor Institiuion-and the oldest running-with the same members-bluegrass band in the country. When I opened the store in 1976, customers were clamoring for RFD Boys LP's-and there were already three at the time-all out of pressing naturally.Try explaining that to Ann Arborites-they didn't trust the government,they sure weren't going to take my word for it. Well we survivied that crisis of confidence and some thirty plus years later, there has been only one new RFD Boys release-a live Cd and this one by Dick.So eat it up while you can.The Boys are nothing if not patient and won't be rushed. The fact that they are all highly successful in their day jobs probably has something to do with it.... A word about the excellent Dave Mosher-award winning guitar picker- David is a multi-instrumentalist, excellent vocalist, songwriter and a first rate producer.I met David in 1993 when we released his group's Deadbeat Society CD on our label- at the urging of David Siglin of the Ark and once I saw them,I understood Siglin's enthusiasm.------------------------------------------------------20 tracks:1 Wealthy Street Rag 2 Billy in the Low Ground 3 Possum Lick 4 Possum in the Huckleberries 5 Katy Hill 6 Sally Ann in the 'Simmon Tree 7 Gleaner Hall Reel 8 Kent County Breakdown 9 Leather Britches 10 Smoke Test 11 Iron Skillet Breakfast 12 R.F.D. Country 13 Fisher's Hornpipe 14 Grey Eagle 15 Mississippi Sawyer 16 Dieterle's Hornpipe 17 Cricket on the Hearth 18 Jarrett's Jig 19 Rip Rap Road 20 Darling Nellie Gray Dirtbombs - We have You Surrounded

Detroit garage rock/not garage band returns with another cd that will please fans.4 Stars from Motor City Rocks. Farzalo, (Farz- EX Big Dave) Dave - Fresco Padre

Very nice CD from one of the Dave's from the great Big Dave and the Ultrasonics band. World renowned Madcat Ruth instead of Dave Morris on harmonica and the multi talented Al Hill on keyboards and the always tasty Andy Conlin on drums and more. Gauthier, Mary - Between Daylight And Dark

Producer, Joe Henry has Michigan ties-married to Madonna's sister-and producer of a brilliant ep by Danny Klein and Delta 88. Joe's musical contribution are essential to enhancing and transforming Gauthier's powerfully bleak lyrics into a work that can be listened to, enjoyed and ultimately, better understood and felt. Great Lakes Myth Society - Compass Rose Boquet

Very Good sophomore effort by this talented Ann Arbor Band. They did a nice job in August '07 opening up for Patti Smith at the Michigan Theater in A2.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Heydays - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 2. Summer Bonfire - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 3. Nightfall At Electric Park - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 4. Queen Of The Barley Fool - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 5. March - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 6. Eastern Birds - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 7. Stump Speech - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 8. Midwest Main Street - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 9. Days Of Apple Pie - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 10. Raindrops & Roses - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 11. Debutante - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) 12. Gales Of 1838, The - (with Kaylan Mitchell/Natania Rae Monger/Matt Collar) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Great Lakes Myth Society: James Christopher Monger (guitars); Gregory Dean McIntosh, Timothy Monger (accordion); J. Scott McClintock (bass guitar); Fido Kennington (drums).------------------------------------------------ with: Kirsten Zaremba, Erik Adams, Amira Fawzy, Sara E. Jackson, Eric Kelly, Mike Schneider, Amy Tartaglia, Will Yates, Dave Lawson, Zach Curd, Dave Boutette (vocals); Natania Rae Monger (violin); Kaylan Mitchell (cello); Matt Collar (trumpet). Haas. Jeff (Trio) w/ Marvin Kahn - L'Dor Va Dor (Generation to Generation)

Jazz based versions of Hebrew melodies and songs, many of which Jeff learned from his father, Karl Haas. Karl was a synagogue organist in Speyer, steeped in the liturgical tradition and brought this knowledge with him when he fled Nazi Germany and ended up residing in Detroit. Jeff collaborates with Marvin Kahn the excellent Klezmer clarinetist, who also contributes some songs to this wonderful recording. SB------------------------------------------------------- "May the Words"- 'set to music the lyrics of the 19th Psalm, The music was written in the mid-50's by my father and is used in synagogues throughout the country. He wrote it while walking in a country road in northern Michigan. In 1991, I wrote a countermelody for this arrangement of May the Words. The improvisational portion of this tune utilizes the darker chord changes of the countermelody and is meant to reflect humankind's continuing desire to "Be acceptable unto you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer"' Jeff Haas from his liner notes to the CD.------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Generation to Generation Haas 6:44 2 Children's Dance Haas 6:16 3 May the Words Haas 7:22 4 Addicted to an Idea Kahn 4:11 5 Sabbath Song Haas 4:17 6 On and Off Kahn 3:54 7 Faith/Lonnie's Lament Coltrane, Haas 16:53 Henry, Joe (w/ Bill Frisell) - Civilians

Joe Henry is a Michigan man(high school in Rochester), married Madonna's sister,has produced an ep for local faves, Delta 88 and is simply among the best songwriters in the country.He's a double threat as a producer, with a talent for bringing out the best in an artist. His work for Detroiter Betty Lavette helped her garner the long overdue critical and commercial success she deserved and his production on songwriter Mary Gauthiers latest CD shows Henry to be a major force in contemporary Amercian music. Koda, Cub - Abba Dabba Dabba

Cub was well know to Michiganders for his pivotal role in Brownsville Station and his writing for many rock publications and album liner notes, including the Michigan online powerhouse, All Music Guide. As to his Schoolkids release, this is the kind of recording only a master of American Roots music could make.Of course a wierd sense of humor helps too. Features "Pee in the Cup" or Random Drug Testing as Cub titled it, as heard on Dr. Dimento's show Features an incredible array of musical what ifs...what if AC/DC covered Bill Haley, what if Howlin Wolf did a broadway tune, what if Jeff Beck and the Bonzo Dog band did the Flintstone Theme, what if more people heard the hits from the original Detroit "motown" sound of Fortune Records. While an excellent grasp of musical history is not required to enjoy this unusual and briiliant recording, it don't hurt neither. Madcat (Peter Ruth) - Harmonicology

Madcat takes the harmonica to the limit with his unique blending of folk,blues and world music. Mr B, Mark Braun - Joybox

Maybe B's best recording of piano blues and boogie features the world class rhythm section of Paul Keller (bass) and Pete Siers (drums). Keller has recorded with Diana Krall on her grammy winning Nate Cole tribute CD and leads the PKO, formerly Bird of Paradise, Orchestra (read Big Band). Siers, who along with Keller recorded with jazz guitar wizard, Russell Malone for Sony music, is also a member of the latin-jazz band, Los Gatos. While Mr. B is grounded in traditional blues and Boogie having studied and played with Boogie Woogie Red, Little Brother Montgomery and others, he is a wide open pianist with big ears. Joybox is just that- a joyful, swinging and powerful celebration of the piano. Mr. B, (,Mark Braun) - Live in the Big Apple (DVD)

Nomo - Newtones

Ann Arbor's world class afrobeat,jazz/fusion band headed by Elliot Bergman. "Newtones" combines their take no prisoners live sound with a sophisticated production effort, headed by producer and one of Michigan's great music talents, Warren Defever of His Name is Alive. Paul's Big Radio - Pavement Bliss

Ragbirds - Yes nearby

The Ragbirds began with songwriter and vocalist Erin Zindle and percussionist Randall Moore, adding guitarist/vocalist Matthew Melody, percussionist Tim Dziekan, and their new bassist Dan Hildebrandt In April 2005, The Ragbirds released their debut CD, Yes Nearby. It was nominated for a Detroit Music Award. In January of 2006 The Ragbirds followed up with "Catching Fire" a live album recorded in their hometown of Ypsilanti MI. The They're a fusion of roots folk, world groove, and pop sensibility. The Ragbirds use many traditional folk instruments including violin, guitar, mandolin, banjo, accordion, piano and harmonica. But this folky root is firmly embedded in the soil of rhythm, ancient and new, incorporating African poly-rhythms and Afro-Cuban tumbaos, over sometimes rock, hip-hop or reggae style drum-kit. Melodic lines are often built of ethnic scales and techniques, sometimes Celtic in style, sometimes Gypsy, or Latin, or African, and there is an improvisational element to the songs that keeps them fresh. In live performances, the band incorporates variations on traditional African drum pieces, each member trading their instrument for a nearby hand drum. They have a strong belief in the beauty of poetry and positive music, and the power of dance-able rhythm. "Yes Nearby is a rare debut for the poetic intensity of its focus, the high quality of its musicianship and the quiet, yet astonishing precision of its songwriting. It marks a musical terrain where spirit and flesh, the sacred and profane, the moral and the ambiguous come together in an intoxicating, instructive dance of truth and beauty in everyday life. This is evidence of the very best of what contemporary, independent pop music has to offer."-Thom Jurek, All Music 4 Star Review "The Ragbirds have gestated a sound and experience so unlike anything you've seen in these parts, that you may begin to wonder if you have teleported to another land. Although the familiar dark, smoky surroundings of the divided pub, with its pool tables, bare brick walls, old worn plank floors and frat boys doing shots to impress the girls is nothing really all that new, you WILL find a feeling of growing anticipation clouding the air as soon as they hit the stage. Then, gradually, as the violin spirals through the crowd and the tribal drums, harmonizing vocals, and rich bass become more and more mesmerizing, you notice the bodies that have begun to swirl around you taking on new shape and form while your own torso starts to sway, and you find you're flying with The Ragbirds to enchanting rhythmic destinations around the globe." The Uncommon Sense Magazine RFD Boys - RFD Boys No. 2

We understand they're the longest running Bluegrass Band in the country. Not only are they fun in concert, but they are a true asset to Ann Arbor's music scene. The RFD are major donors to our acoustic music club, The Ark. Thanks guys. RFD Boys - RFD No. 1

The debut release by Ann Arbor's own bluegrass band, still kickin' and pickin' regularly at the Ark. Seeley, Bob - Industrial Strength

Bob is an undisputed master of authentic stride, boogie and blues piano. His boogie version of Fina’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” is a wonder and worth the price of the CD alone. “Seeley is a force of nature...the best boogie woogie player on the planet!” Dick Hyman “Just an incredible player, my God.” Chuck Leavell, keyboardist, The Rolling Stones. Temporarily out of stock Siegel,Dick - Snap!

Ann Arbor's classic recording by Ann Arbor's best singer/songwriter.Although Dick's best tunes may be "Crossing Over" and "Angel's Aweigh" for the same titled CD, Snap!(late 1970's) has his most popular and enduring songs. "Angelo's" (Eggs over easy, hash browns and you), "What Would Brando Do?" and "When The Sumac Is On Fire" are perennial favorites. A product of Ann Arbor's love affair for "roots" music, "Snap!" owes a musical debt to Louis Jordan along with the folk elements, but the lyrics-and Snap! is all about Dick Siegel's unique expression of life and love- are all his own. "Downsize Blues,a topical song written during the Carter era gas shortage, is as timely as ever-just substitute Caddilac with SUV." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Downsize Blues Siegel 4:13 2 Angelo's Siegel 2:48 3 Razzle-Dazzle Siegel 2:52 4 She's Available Siegel 4:23 5 When the Sumac Is on Fire Siegel 4:50 6 The Cave In Siegel 3:54 7 What Would Brando Do? Siegel 4:22 8 Chicago (Cast off Alone) Siegel 3:04 9 Carry Me Away Siegel 4:00 10 Cure for Your Blues Siegel 4:18 Smith, Louis - Here Comes Louis Smith

Louis Smith has been a local and international hero for decades. When I moved to Ann Arbor in 1976 to open Schoolkids, Michael Lang took me to see Louis at the University of Michigan where he was acting as Jazz Studies Director-what a thrill, Louis is one of the great jazz trumpet players and its been great to be able to hear Louis play these last few decades. It's great to have thsi reissue of the 1958 Blue Note debut by the trumpet player and composer Blue Note saw as the new Clifford Brown. Smith is superb on this recording,joined by Cannonball Adderley,Tommy Flanagan,Duke Jordan and Art Taylor. Pick this one up-also essential are at least three of his later Steeplechase recordings: 'Prancin',Just Friends 'and 'Ballads for Lulu.' Sonics Rendezvous Band - Sonics Rendezvous Band

SRB were one of the legendary Detroit bands from the 70's-all with stellar Detroit credentials: Fred Sonic Smith, of the MC5, singer/ songwriter Scott Morgan formerly of the Rationals, a soul-influenced Detroit band of the 1960s, Gary Rassmussen of the Up and Scott Asheton of the Stooges. Hey, these guys did one single-so here's a 6 cd set. Go figure. SRC - Lost Masters

Official CDR made and sold by SRC co-founder and Ann Arborite, Gary Quackenbush. For the first time, Gary gets the money for his own work after being ripped of by various import labels. Not the place to start for the uninitiated, but an excellent collection of odds and ends from one of the best 60's Detroit/Ann Arbor bands. Steppin' In It - Simple Tunes for Troubled Times

2008 release for this acoustic 4 piece band from Lansing MI. The In It's are no strangers to A2 having played several timnes at the Ark and at various music festivals. I booked them for the Ann Arbor Art Fair a few years ago and was as impressed as the folks at The Telluride Music festival who booked them as well....."We've been hearing tales recently about a Lansing, Michigan based folk-rockin', sweet jazz, bluegrass, old-time swingin' quartet with some serious buzz. We took one listen and were hooked, as you will be when you hear Steppin' In It at work. In the Words of Sally Van Meter, producer of their latest release - Hidden In The Lowlands they are 'what would happen if Hank Williams joined forces with Wayne The Train Hancock and a folk band featuring Tom Waits'. Intrigued yet? Well, you will be...they accomplish the seemingly impossible task of making the most traditional sounds contemporary, blending hillbilly rackets with blues rhythms and European folk. It's like subtle musical alchemy. They may claim to just be steppin' in it, but we think they're knee deep in the future of bluegrass." Telluride Bluegrass Festival - Telluride, CO-------------Here's a very good review from Performing songwriter Magazine:"Looking for a soundtrack for rural America? Steppin’ In It provides one. The lyrics paint sobering pictures of shutdown factories on rundown streets, but the music never sags, capturing the spirit of hope and better times to come. There’ll be a tear in your eye, but your foot’ll be tapping" Performing Songwriter Magazine - Nashville,TN ----------------------- 1. Break of Day 2. Give My Regards to Miss Moline 3. The Steamboat Queen 4.Hittin' on all Six 5.Charles Hatfield's Blues 6. The Long Haul 7. Gary's Romp 8. Wren's Lullaby 9. The Ghost of Richard Manuel 10. Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man) 11. Washtenaw County Tek,Deniz and Scott Morgan - Three Assassins

Two Michiganders, Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) and Scott Morgan (Rationals,Sonics Rondezvous,Scots Pirates) join for this 2001 live date. More for fans than a starting point-always great though to have the material.===========================================================1 Future Now - 3:24 2 Electrophonic Tonic - 3:58 3 Shellback - 3:21 4 Agua Caliente - 3:58 5 Runaway Slaves - 4:03 6 Asteroid B-612 - 4:44 7 Blood From a Stone - 4:28 8 Heaven - 4:16 9 Give It Up - 5:39 10 Love and Learn - 3:08 11 Dangerous - 3:14 12 City Slang - 7:38 13 I Got a Right - 3:58 The Novel Citizen - Reciprocations

You have to like a band who cites Can as an influence. Review to follow Walls, Winston - Boss of the B-3

Though not a local artist, Winston recorded for our record label and we used three superb area musicians:Pistol Allen, the late Motown Funk Brother on drums;Gene Cook from Ohio-but he's played many times at the Bird and the Firefly-on saxes and flute,and Chris Buzzelli, also from Ohio, but has taught at the UM, on guitar. Winston played the ressurected Ann Blues and Jazz Festival with that band in support of the release. Watroba, Matt - Jukebox Folk

Matt hosts the Sing Out! radio program on XM satellite radio and is the long time host of "Folks Like Us" radio show on WDET FM (101.9)Detroit. He's joined by vocalist Katie Geddes and multi-instrumnetalist and producer, David Mosher.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt Watroba turns to vintage country on his latest album, and he has produced one of the best under-the-radar musical gems to come along in quite some time...highly recommended." ---Dirty Linnen--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Impeccably produced, "Jukebox Folk" feature Watroba's honest tenor and a stellar supporting cast. This is what folk should be." ---Detroit Free Press--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt Watroba and Katie Geddes displayed spine-tingling classic country harmonies blending Geddes' rich alto and Watroba's unaffected tenor in a way that today's country artists only dream of." --Louisville Music News************************************************************************************************** "Saddle this one up and take it for a ride." ---Ann Arbor News---------------------------------------------------

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