Corner Divider Location
Until January 30th we're located at #16 Nickels Arcade.

The Nickels Arcade is a covered pass-through from S.State Street to Maynard Street. It is between the Bivouac (our former location) and Van Bovens on State Street and across from the parking structure on Maynard Street.

After the 30th, we will continue online and keep a connection to the State Street Area. You can choose to pick up your order at Maison Edwards in the Nickels Arcade - simply choose that option at check out and avoid shipping charges.

Best parking is at the Maynard Street Parking Structure right next to the massive Border's store around the corner from us. There is plenty of street level parking - unfortunately there's usually someone else's car in the space...

Definitely use the parking structure. It's easier and you'll spare yourself the Ann Arbor "souvenir"...(parking ticket).

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